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Get a Cyber Essentials Certification for your Organisation Today. 

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This proven process works, and it works fast. We’ve certified clients within a few hours when needed and we’re proud to say that we haven’t had a single client subscribed to our supported service who hasn’t achieved Cyber Essentials certification.

A very fast service and an overall excellent experience.

Howard @ Weston Analytics

The Cyber Security Experts

Based in the UK, Get Cyber Certified is a Cyber Security Specialist and IASME Certified awarding body. We have over 15 years’ experience in helping Businesses with Technology and Compliance requirements.

We can deliver 

  • Vulnerability Management

  • Information Security

  • Penetration Testing

  • Security Consultancy

  • Cyber Essentials Certifications

  • GDPR Readiness 

  • IASME Governance Certification 

  • Firewall Audit & Review

  • Server Audit & Configuration Review

  • Security Awareness Training

  • PCI Penetration Testing

  • Network & User Support 


What is Cyber Essentials 

For businesses delivering and maintaining the highest levels of Cyber Security has never been so critical.  It is crucial that we not only protect our customer and users personal and financial data from hackers, but also ensure our computers and systems are safe and protected from the myriad of cyber threats that can compromise systems and disrupt working. 


SME’s as well as Enterprise are now a target for Cybercrime and the need to apply a recognised framework to reduce these risks has become more important than ever. This is why, the UK Government and industry leaders  created the ‘Cyber Essentials’ Certification.

How Cyber Essentials Will Help With GDPR

In 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force which introduced the increased need for tighter security, privacy management and policies.  The Information Commissioners Office (ICO) recognise companies undertaking ‘Cyber Essentials’ as starting on the right path to data compliance.  We also offer IASME GDPR Readiness certification which can help your company make the right changes to mitigate risks of breaching the General Data Protection Regulations.


The Five Pillars Of Cyber Essentials That Will Protect Your Business


Secure Configuration


Patch Management 


Boundary  Firewalls & Internet Gateways 


Control & Administrative privilege management 


Malware Protection


Discover 'Cyber Essentials' 

With our Informative Videos 


Cyber Essentials Options 




Self Certification
Online Portal​


From £290


Includes one

complimentary retest



Unlimited remote guidance for each and every question


With Personalised Support 


From £590





Turn-key Solution


Fully managed



From £1200

Package Includes 

Our DIY Package is ideal for organisations that have the in-house knowledge and resource to obtain Cyber Essentials certification independently.

  • Access to your own secure assessment portal for submissions. ​

  • Marking and feedback with Complimentary re-test within 48 hours

  • Cyber Essentials report and certification included

Package Includes 

With our secure, easy to use, guided self assessment portal  our supported package is ideal for organisations who need a little hand holding.

  • Guided questionnaire

  • Remote support throughout your journey to certification

  • 24 hour turnaround with same day assessments available

  • Pre-submission reviews and feedback to pass first time

  • Free 2nd (identical setup) company certificate if required

  • Cyber Essentials report and certification included

Package Includes 

If you would like us to fully manage the process (with input from yourselves) our turn-key service is for you.

  • Guided questionnaire

  • After a remote security audit performed by our assessors we'll guide you through any required changes

  • We'll complete the questionnaire on your behalf ready for your approval

  • Quick turnaround and pass first time

  • ​Free 2nd (identical setup) company certificate if required

  • Cyber Essentials report and certification included​

Advanced Services



IASME Governance & GDPR Readiness + CE


With telephone and email guidance for each question


From £900


Package Includes 

For organisations who want to demonstrate that 

they’ve got effective information governance measures in place and need a little hand holding. 


  • Covers key aspects of security – such as IT security controls, incident response, staff training, planning and operations.

  • Includes the Cyber Essentials question set, so you’ll receive both certifications at the same time. 

  • Includes GDPR questions and certifies you as "ready for GDPR".

  • Access to your own guided assessment portal with guided questionnaire.

  • Documentation pack including over 20 standard process templates and documents, for you to use within your organisation

  • Assigned consultant and remote support throughout your journey to certification​

  • Pass first time with our pre-submission assessments and feedback

  • Cyber Essentials report and certification included



Cyber Essentials Plus

From £1195

Fully managed service

Package Includes 

A managed step by step programme for organisations to achieve the Cyber Essentials Plus certification

  • Effectively identify areas of weakness within your current cyber stance so you can take proactive changes to protect your business

  • Your own assigned consultant

  • Fully managed remote audit


  • Fast turn around

  • Optional Cyber Essentials Certification



Cyber Essentials 2nd Company Certificate


£99 with our DIY Package


Free with our supported and turnkey solutions

Package Includes 

For groups of companies or multiple organisations at the same address.


  • Is the second organisation at the same location running on the same IT equipment?

  • We can provide a second certificate for your other organisation if required.

  • Before you buy! This is free of charge with Cyber Essentials Supported and Turn-Key services.

  • With our DIY package pay £99.

I’d like to thank Mark and the team for all of their help this year with Cyber Essentials. This is now the 4th time we’ve completed with the team and every year their help is to the highest standard. They are always on hand for queries. I’d highly recommend.

Danielle @ Operam Education Group


Why Choose us?

We've been an IASME Accredited Certification Body since 2015 and hold the "Quality Assured", "Cyber Essentials" and "IASME Governance" at GOLD standard. This means we've passed the highest standards of the UK Governments National Cyber Security Centre chosen partner and our governing body, IASME.


We've been certifying organisations from a wide range of industries since 2015 so have seen and helped with most setups and situations.  Our friendly, personal approach, competitive prices and quick turnarounds will ensure you achieve certification with minimal fuss no matter what your skillset. This could be why we're the 'go to' certification body for clients from many different industries and the point of reference for a host of IT Support companies, Managed Service Providers and other Security Service Providers.


To get started, simply select the package that best suits your skills, budget, timeframe and needs.

Reduce Risk, Improve Security and Win More Business with Government Approved Security Standards.

 Your business needs to show it takes steps to protect information and Cyber Essentials Certification is a recognised step and can protect you from 80% of common cyber threats.

It demonstrates that you take data security seriously and gives your customers the confidence and assurance that you are working to a recognised level. For organisations working in or with any Government supply chain, Cyber Essentials will soon become mandatory.


  • Reassure your customers you take cyber security seriously

  • Work on government contracts and supply change (certification is becoming mandatory)

  • Attract new customer who know you have security measure in place

  • Reduce your business risks from cyber threats

  • Promote your certification and be listed in Directories

  • Defend your business from Cyber threats 

  • Receive Free Cyber Indemnity Insurance once certified 

All of our clients have Passed First Time With Our 'Supported' Option 
* Thats a 100% success rate *
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“It was so simple working with GCC, not only did we achieve the Cyber Essentials Certification, but we did this in 24 hours. From the moment of sending that first enquiry to Signing up to delivering the certification, the process was quick, simple and the team was fantastic to work with. They really did run the extra mile here.”

Phillip Olivier – Managing Director

Why You Need


Cyber Essentials 


How do we achieve a 100% successful pass rate?

Hover over each of our 5 steps to discover our secrets to pass first time success...

Step One

We give you access into our portal which gives you help and guidance in plain, easy to understand language for each and every questions.


Step Two

You work through the assessment answering in line with your organisation’s current setup.


Step Three

We then mark your assessment as if we were marking for real and give comprehensive feedback and guidance on any areas which wouldn’t pass.


Step Four

Next we give you plenty of time to make any changes to your systems or processes before you update your answers again.


Step five

Now its certification time! Usually at this stage we can issue your certificate but if not, we will help with further feedback and guidance on any areas which still need adjustment.


This proven process works, and it works fast. We’ve certified clients within a few hours when needed and we’re proud so say that we haven’t had a single client who has subscribed to our supported service who hasn’t achieved Cyber Essentials certification.

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