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How do we achieve a 100% successful pass rate?

The process we follow is designed to allow our clients to avoid failure.

By pre-marking your assessment and giving feedback on any areas which would cause you to fail we ensure that when we put you through for your actual assessment you are guaranteed to pass.

Hover over each of our 5 steps to discover our secrets to pass first time success...

Step One

We give you access into our portal which gives you help and guidance in plain, easy to understand language for each and every questions.

Step Two

You work through the assessment answering in line with your organisation’s current setup.

Step Three

We then mark your assessment as if we were marking for real and give comprehensive feedback and guidance on any areas which wouldn’t pass.

Step Four

Next we give you plenty of time to make any changes to your systems or processes before you update your answers again.

Step five

Now its certification time! Usually at this stage we can issue your certificate but if not, we will help with further feedback and guidance on any areas which still need adjustment.

This proven process works, and it works fast. We’ve certified clients within a few hours when needed and we’re proud so say that we haven’t had a single client who has subscribed to our supported service who hasn’t achieved Cyber Essentials certification.

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