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Cyber Essentials Plus. 

Starting from £1195!

The price of Plus certification is dependent on your organisation’s complexity and sites. 

Please select your corresponding company size before making payment below.

Discover Cyber Essentials.

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Cyber Essentials Plus 
Select your Company Size

For IASME to issue your CE+ certification, you MUST hold a Cyber Essentials Plus Certification dated within 3 months of your CE certificate issue date.

If you need us to provide a new CE cert or CE and CE+ together click here for a bespoke quote.

Cyber Essentials Plus Service 0-5 devices. £1195



(0-5 devices)



Ideal for self employed and micro organisations

Cyber Essentials Plus Service 50-250 devices. £2995



(50-250 devices)



For organisations with up to 250 devices

Cyber Essentials Plus Service 5-50 devices. £2195



(5-50 devices)



For small businesses and organisations

Cyber Essentials Plus Service 250+ devices or more complex network setup. Price on application.

LARGE or bundled CE


(250+ or more complex than standard networks)



Personalised quotes to ensure you get the best price!

Criteria for fixed price CE+

The tiered fixed pricing for our Cyber Essentials Plus is based on the number of devices included in scope. This includes all devices, phones, PC's laptops, routers, servers etc and assumes that your system is a standard network consisting of:

  • ​Less than 15 cloud based services

  • Less than 10 branches/sites

  • You do not run a web farm or hosting service

  • You do not have more than 5 servers on premise or in cloud

  • You have no more than 5 different desktop operating system versions in use on In Scope Devices (i.e. Windows 10 Pro 21H2, Windows 10 Pro 21H1, Windows 10 Home 21H2, are all different versions).


If your setup falls outside of this click here for a quote today

Reduce Risk, Improve Security and Win More Business with Government Approved Security Standards.

 Your business needs to show it takes steps to protect information and Cyber Essentials Certification is a recognised step and can protect you from 80% of common cyber threats.

It demonstrates that you take data security seriously and gives your customers the confidence and assurance that you are working to a recognised level. For organisations working in or with any Government supply chain, Cyber Essentials will soon become mandatory.


  • Reassure your customers you take cyber security seriously

  • Work on government contracts and supply change (certification is becoming mandatory)

  • Attract new customer who know you have security measure in place

  • Reduce your business risks from cyber threats

  • Promote your certification and be listed in Directories

  • Defend your business from Cyber threats 

  • Receive Free Cyber Indemnity Insurance once certified 

All of our clients have Passed First Time With Our 'Supported' Option 
* Thats a 100% success rate *

“It was so simple working with GCC, not only did we achieve the Cyber Essentials Certification, but we did this in 24 hours. From the moment of sending that first enquiry to Signing up to delivering the certification, the process was quick, simple and the team was fantastic to work with. They really did run the extra mile here.”

Phillip Olivier – Managing Director

Why You Need


Cyber Essentials 

Why CE

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Discover how we can help train your

staff and reduce risks with Ongoing Security Training

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