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IASME Certification Appeals Against Marking Decisions

Appeals under this process are restricted to clients who have failed one of the following assessments - Cyber Essentials, Cyber Essentials Plus, IASME Audited Assessment and may have queries about how their answers were marked/validated by their Assessor. Alternatively, Clients (or CB) may have a query about the decision of the moderator regarding an assessment.


Clients wishing to appeal must do so within 3 days of receiving the CB’s assessment decision which is in dispute and are advised to keep copies of all documents relating to the appeal.


It is the responsibility of Mark Kindred - Director, to ensure that this process is published, implemented and fully understood by customers undertaking IASME certification.



  • CB (Certifying Body)

  • Client (organisation applying for certification)

  • Assessor (assessor employed by Certifying Body)

  • Assessment Report (IASME governance assessment report)

  • Certification (IASME Governance Standard certificate – Gold, Silver, Bronze)


Stage 1

In the first instance, the CB staff will attempt to answer these questions directly

and to resolve the issues identified.  The CB staff will liaise with the client and the Assessor or Moderator to understand the rationale behind any marking and to explain this to the client. In the majority of cases, this will be sufficient to resolve any queries.


Stage 2

If the client (or CB) remains dissatisfied, the following escalation process will be observed.

  1. Details of the issue will be sent to IASME’s CEO by email from the CB with the client copied in. Alternatively, the client may write to IASME’s CEO directly explaining the issue.

  2. The appeal will be acknowledged by IASME within 2 working days.

IASME Complaints & Appeals against marking decisions policy will then be followed.

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